You can change the life of an adult with vision loss

Vision loss is about more than loss of vision. It is about loss of confidence, mobility, independence. Your donation can change that.

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Your donation will change lives

With the loss of vision comes the frustration of no longer being able to perform daily living tasks and favorite activities. You can no longer read your mail, cook a meal, or navigate your living room without banging your shin.

When each day is filled with frustration and simple tasks become difficult chores, your confidence plummets and you constrict your activities. Soon you become more and more isolated.

Without intervention, vision loss brings social isolation, anxiety, depression, compromised health and early cognitive decline.

Your donation will change this. You will provide emotional support. You will teach mobility skills so adults with vision loss can travel independently -- by foot and public transit. Clients will learn daily living skills. They will learn to use technology to increase their independence and even find employment. Your donation will change lives.

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